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The Cuthbert/Jubb Family Tree Project

This is the ancestral family tree of myself and my siblings through to our 3rd great-grandparents. Although it is exciting to discover the names of our ancestors, the names and dates alone are not very interesting so it’s time to add some flesh to the bones in the form of a bit of social history to go with them. I hope I can add some interesting information, mainly about my people, their homes, jobs and families but also some snippets of history about the places and times in which they lived. Each person on this tree will have their own page so you can learn more about them.

How to use this site:

  • Please use the Surnames menus at the top or side of this page to reach the main surname page you wish to read about.
  • Each surname page will have its own family charts and a side bar menu with individual’s names.
  • For an explanation of the different charts and records you will find, please see the Research Tools page.

For some of the family lines, my research goes much further back than this tree shows but as you view the pages for families and individuals, you will see new charts showing the earlier generations. You can see my full ancestor tree by downloading below.

It is going to be an ongoing project but as I go along, I hope you enjoy reading about the lives and times of my ancestors. If you have any information that you think I would be interested in, please get in touch using the contact page. Also, if you find something that doesn’t work please do let me know so I can fix it.

Please bear in mind that at the moment, this is a very new site and it will take me some time to populate it with the information I have. There is an email subscription box at the top of the page, please subscribe for new blog posts to your inbox. This will be in the form of a newsletter each time I post a new blog telling you about any new content, what anniversaries are coming up and other bits and bobs of family history news. You always have the choice of opting out if you don’t want to receive them anymore.

For obvious privacy reasons, there will be no information given about any living individual (apart from myself of course). All family lines covered will stop at the generation above my own.