December 2020

Hello and welcome to December’s Fitting Into My Genes update. I hope you are all well and looking forward to the festive break, and that you enjoy spending it with whatever family members you are able to.

Since my last update, I have done some back office work with menu creating, so that all the surnames that I know anything about now have a menu. I have managed to put some information, even if only a descendant chart onto each of the surname homepages but of course, without any stories or context the charts themselves are just a list of names. Some of the pages have a little information about the families but as always, bear with me for more detail, it all takes a lot of time. Obviously some of the generations are repeated on more than one descendant chart as Tulips turn in McMorrans before becoming Giblins etc. If you need help understanding the different charts, see my Research Tools page for further explanation and don’t be afraid to ask me any questions.

This past month, I’ve spent quite a lot of time on the early Giblins and have the family homepage completed as much as is possible for the time being, as well as Charles’ life story for you to read about. I intend to do more research into their working lives in the cotton industry both in Stockport and in Hull but that is for another month.

I’ve done a lot more work on the page of Henry Jubb who you met last month, I’ve re-formatted some of it and have done more research to add some interesting information about the area of Hull where he and his young family lived, including pictures and an amazingly detailed map from before the construction of Alfred Gelder Street forced the demolition of a huge area of slum dwellings on Lowgate.

Dixon’s Entry, Lowgate

I really wanted to do some research on the story of Elizabeth, Henry’s widow but have run out of time before this update. Elizabeth has become a bit of an obsession for me, I can’t begin to imagine how difficult it must have been to bring up five children as a widow in those times so I’m looking forward to hopefully finding out more about her life. Watch your inbox over Christmas as I may do a little bonus update with her story.

What’s New since last time?

  • Giblin Homepage – There’s a load of waffle on there and a downloadable descendant chart of the whole Giblin clan.
  • Charles Giblin – My 3 x great-grandfather came from Ireland to Hull via Stockport.
  • Henry Jubb – New research added.
  • In general – all of the surname homepages now have at the very least, a downloadable descendant chart.

I hope you find the new content as interesting as I did when putting it together. As always, please let me know if I’ve made any stupid mistakes or if there is anything you don’t understand or would like more information about.

Until next time…

Jill xx

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  1. I have loved reading about the family and yes it would be interesting g to follow the story of he ry?s widow. Looking forward to the updates.

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