Elizabeth’s Story

I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas. It’s been a very different kind of Christmas for all of us this year. As London was put into the new tier 4 just last week, Michael was unable to visit us this year, we had to do a Zoom meeting to open our gifts instead. It is the first time in his whole life that we haven’t spent Christmas together but like everyone else, we just made the best of it. Thank goodness for the technology we have now to enable us to spend virtual time together.

I’ve been working on putting together some facts and making a bit of a story of the life of my 2 x great-grandmother Elizabeth (Wood) Jubb. I can’t really say why I have been so inspired by her, other than that in a time when there was no social security system apart for the workhouse, she managed to bring up five children on her own as a widow. She worked hard and I like to believe was loved and respected by her family. It’s not a very interesting life truth be told but I hope you enjoy reading about her.

Elizabeth’s story.

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