The Stringers

As promised back in my last post in October, I’ve been working on the Stringer branch of the family tree. So here we go, the Stringers come into the family three generations back from me via my mother-her father-his mother (you still with me?) Eliza Stringer, connection as in the image below. When Eliza married Charles Jubb, the Stringer line ended.

As far as I have got in my research, the Stringers seem to have originated in the West Yorkshire parish of Thorner which is between Wetherby and Leeds. The Genuki page for Thorner is informative and as always, I use this excellent resource a lot during my research and huge thanks must go to the volunteers that keep it updated.

My 3 x Great-Grandfather Joseph is the earliest for whom I have any meaningful information, his father William proving a bit elusive, although I do know that William was a tailor, living in Scarcroft, a small village within the parish of Thorner, and was married to Sarah. I can’t find a definite baptism or marriage for William and as you know, I won’t guess!

Joseph was an interesting character, firstly marrying a widow with 7 children who was 20 years his senior, and then after she died, marrying a girl 24 years his junior! He lived and died in Thorner and worked in the textile industry there. My 2 x Great-Grandfather John, who was born in 1812, was the first to move from Thorner, firstly to Leeds where he married in 1838 and then to Hull where my Great-Grandmother Eliza was born in 1843.

Eliza, whose story I have yet to research and tell, married Charles Jubb, thus ending the Stringer line. Charles and Eliza were the parents of my grandfather William Jubb.

I hope you enjoy reading about this small branch on the family tree. Please see links below and also links on the pages themselves.

Stringer Homepage

Joseph Stringer 1786-1845

John Stringer 1812-1884

Next up will be the Pye branch of the family. Mary Pye married John Stringer in Leeds but she was born in Gibraltar whilst her father was serving in the British Army. The Pyes originated in Norfolk and two of them moved to Hull in the 1830s to work in the cotton mills.


  1. Great research Jill. Amazing to think that John Stringer’s mother was born sometime around 1769 and his daughter (Eliza) lived until 1925. A time span of approx 156 years.

    1. Yes. I was fascinated by the fact that she was in her 40s with 7 children when Joseph married her and that one of the children was born two years after her first husband died! He went to America, I found records for him so will definitely be doing a bit of side research on his life for a future blog post.

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