Cuthbert Home Page

The below pdf chart shows the descendants of my 3 x great grandfather James Culbert through to my great-grandfather Samuel Cuthbert and his siblings. The name of Cuthbert having been corrupted from Culbert or Culbertson somewhere during the lifetime of my great-grandfather and his brother George. The family members I have written about are linked on the below chart.

According to a copy of 2 x great grandfather Samuel’s application for poor relief in 1865 (where the name is shown as Culbert), his birthplace was Ireland and his parents names James Culbert and Sally Elliott. A search of the Tithe Applotment records finds both names, Culbert and Cuthbert were present in Ireland at the right time so possible family members there. I believe the above mentioned Samuel (b.1829) to have been the first generation immigrant from Ireland to Scotland as I have found no records of his parents in Scotland, apart from their names on the poor relief application. That was standard record keeping at the time and didn’t indicate where the parents were or even if they were alive. I believe I have found a brother to Samuel in Glasgow in 1871 with one of Samuel’s daughters residing with him and his family, more about that on Samuel’s page. Whether any other family members, siblings or cousins came across the Irish Sea with Samuel I have not been able to establish.

It is at some time after the death of Samuel Culbert(son) that the name begins to appear as Cuthbert with sons Samuel and George in Glasgow.

More information to be added as I find it!