Stringer Homepage

I start my Stringer ancestry in the late 18th century, with my 4 x great-grandfather on my mother’s paternal line.

William Stringer was a tailor living in Scarcroft in the parish of Thorner, Yorkshire (not to be confused with Thorne – different place altogether), at the time of my 3 x gt-grandfather Joseph’ birth in 1786. William was married to Sarah but at the time of writing this, I am unable to find their marriage or a baptism for William so I can’t be sure of his birthplace.

Below is a pdf link to a chart of William’s descendants, through 7 generations, you can download this to see it more clearly. It is a tad cluttered because I have done a fair bit of research on the various branches of the Stringer family and they are all shown as they are all William’s descendants.

On a descendant chart, the most recent generation (which is me and my siblings and cousins) is on the right of the chart so working from right to left, we have current generation, then our parents, aunts and uncles, then grandparents, great-aunts and great-uncles, etc.

Below is an Ancestor chart from myself through to the earliest Stringer, William. I hope this makes the descendant chart above a little easier to navigate.

You can use the menu at the side of the page to navigate to the individual pages of family members and I will also put links on the individual pages to the generations either side of them when those pages are complete. So for example on Joseph’s page there will be a link to his son, John and when I have a story for his father William, that link will also be there.

I hope you find the stories of the Stringer family interesting. For now, please start with Joseph and then John and I will add more as I am able.